Drive your car with closed windows, and here’s why – scientists advise

Drivers were advised to open car windows less often and use scrap car removal scarborough. A new study was released by the British University of Surrey, which proved the danger of these actions. The research appeared in the pages of the scientific journal Science of the Total Environment. Scientists have proven that if you driv […]

Retro SUVs – worth knowing about the Toyota FJ Cruiser

Toyota FJ Cruiser is one of the most recognizable cars of modern Japanese brands. It is accepted here: http://scrap4cash.com/. This thoroughbred SUV debuted at the Detroit Auto Show in early 2005, bringing a bit of retro flair to the off-road world. It couldn’t be otherwise, as the FJ Cruiser is a tribute to another famous […]

What are the signs you can tell when it’s time to “get rid of” the car?

Undoubtedly, each of us cares about our car. All of us cherish and nurture our swallow, try to repair it whenever possible, properly service it, take care and competently operate the car. But the course of time cannot be stopped; soon the car acquires typical age damages, the body condition starts to leave much to […]

How to identify a faulty steering rack: the main symptoms

In modern cars, the steering design has become significantly more complicated, which invariably affected the reliability of this unit. Initially, the simplest power steering appeared, today electric power steering is used, which allows you to change the behavior of the car depending on the speed. During the operation of the car, various kinds of malfunctions […]

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