Starting the engine in winter

All motorists are faced with failure to start the car in the cold season. In order not to suffer every time, find the reason for such behavior of the car or scrap my car etobicoke.

First, check the engine for the presence of dysfunction.

When the car is equipped with a carburetor engine, the fuel mixture is created in the carburetor. And it travels through the intake manifold to the intake valves and then into the cylinders. Much of the fuel condenses on the inside of the intake manifold and doesn’t make it back to the tank at night. To avoid this, warm the manifold until the space is filled with gasoline vapor. The engine will begin to “grab” immediately when the crankshaft starts turning, and an enriched fuel mixture will flow into the combustion chambers.

When the car is equipped with an injection engine, the way out is more complicated. Here, the gasoline goes straight to the intake valve and into the cylinder. It physically cannot fall out on the walls of the intake manifold. As a result, in the way described above, the injection engine cannot be started. Therefore, the electronics thinks that there is a “cold start”. As a result, there is a command to supply maximum gasoline into the combustion chamber. But such mode of operation lasts a few seconds, which is not enough for starting.

The lion’s share of cars start after a certain number of engine revolutions thanks to a quality battery. Otherwise, the engine won’t start for a long time. That’s why when combining a weak battery and an injection engine, follow the recommendations below.

The first time you try to start, turn on the ignition, or “tsk” the starter and wait for 3 seconds. When you turn off the starter the computer turns off the fuel pump with a delay of 3-4 seconds. This is enough to pump the fuel system of the car.

The second attempt gives the command for “cold” start. Due to the available pressure in the system the engine starts. As a result, it saves time, battery and nerves.

Remember, this defect can not be corrected in the service station. It remains either to use the described know-how, or buy a strong battery or change the car to a carburetor type.

Starting the engine in winter

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