Raw materials for metal production are mined in mines or quarries, which seriously affects the natural landscape. Using scrap cars removal mississauga can reduce the damage caused to nature by metal mining.

What else is good about recycling scrap metal? Let’s break down this question point by point.

1. It allows us to conserve natural resources

Reuse of scrap metal is necessary because there are enough ore reserves (according to the latest estimates) at the current mining rate:

copper reserves – for 40 years
tin reserves – by 17 years
Fortunately, the situation is somewhat better for iron (440 years) or aluminum (220 years).

2. Great energy savings.
Processing raw ore requires a huge amount of electricity. In Russia, for example, aluminum plants are built near hydroelectric power plants, because it is more profitable to transport ore over long distances than to transport electricity. For example, recycling 1 kg of aluminium beverage cans saves up to 12 kg of natural raw materials and 14 kWh of electricity.

When recycling metals, the energy savings are:

aluminium 95%
copper 85%
lead 60%
iron 62-74%
zinc 60%
The share of secondary raw materials in the production of new metals is:

aluminum 39%
copper 32%
74% lead
iron 42%
zinc 20%
3. Reduces landfills
A metal can can remain in the ground for 50, sometimes 100 or more years before it completely decays. Metal recycling avoids the accumulation of rusty iron anywhere.

Scrap metal recycling, how does it happen?
After collection and transportation, metals are sorted into ferrous and nonferrous. Then a second sorting is done by type. Scrap is shredded, cleaned, melted in furnaces at about 1600 °C and billets are made in the form of bars.

These metals can be recycled an infinite number of times at 100% without losing their properties. The most commonly recycled metals are aluminum and steel. Therefore, aluminum cans in Europe are called eternal, because in about two months they go from a new beverage container to recycling and secondary production.


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