It is worth adding to such an exciting event as an apartment move, just a few magical minutes, and everything will go much more joyfully! Combine the tedious packing and unpacking of furniture with magical omens and rituals and everything will incredibly organize itself. But before you do, don’t forget about remove industrial equipment.

Before the move – what to do for sure.
Of course, say goodbye to the old housing. After all, it was here part of your life – the joy and excitement, worries and cares. Thank your home for being a grown-up and wiser. Do the cleaning, throw away unnecessary items, sweep up the trash, and mop the floor.

When preparing and packing, try to anticipate all the nuances and don’t forget anything. Check all the places – the balcony, the shelves in the bathroom, the pantry or the mezzanine. It is necessary to take everything at once and do not come back later for any forgotten little things.

Magic Rituals
Prepare some simple dish called “farewell pie” and give it to all visitors. It is a good idea to air out the apartment, walk around rooms, thank for the warmth and comfort, and say goodbye to the tenants. At the end, symbolically sweep the apartment with a broom one more time, quickly pack a broom and take it with you. It is believed that in this way the patron and good spirit of the house will move with you.

When it’s best to move in.
Plan to move on a Saturday morning, so that you have time to quietly load things into a freight cab, get to the ne

w place, unload and at least partially set up. Traditionally, the cat or dog is the first to be let in – let your protectors keep you safe. It i

s recommended to throw a few coins over the threshold – for prosperity.

In the new apartment
When moving, it is advantageous to order a truck together with movers on this site, who will not only lift things to the floor, but also arrange as you have planned. After all the intruders have left, you can walk around the apartment with a lighted candle, looking into every corner. Light your favorite incense or scented lamp. It is recommended to place a protective amulet in the form of a horseshoe – the ends up for the accumulation of wealth and success. Purchase something from your home accessories and symbolically present it to your new home.

Housewarming – with gifts
Plan in advance a housewarming party to which you invite close relatives and good friends, necessarily with children. Have a lot of food, fruit and sweets on the table – to happiness and prosperity! You can organize a separate party for your colleagues and acquaintances. Be sure to accept gifts for housewarming – dishes, household items or furnishings.


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