In everyday life, the definition of “liquid glass” can mean a wide range of products that are used in many areas of use. First of all, it is a constituent ingredient of many materials for construction.

But for a car enthusiast, this is, first of all, a very high-quality and effective tool for protecting the car body from external influences, as well as for high-quality polishing.

I would like to immediately note that the polishing process, although it is not a complex operation,but certain work skills are all required, so if you have an expensive, new car, then it is better to entrust its polishing to experienced specialists, so that you do not regret what you have done. I would also like to note the importance of remove industrial equipment.

The composition of liquid glass includes quite a lot of different components, which makes it possible to obtain different properties for use. This is the usual polishing of the body, car windows and wheels.

Where to start?

First of all, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the body and let it dry out qualitatively. Next, it is necessary to degrease the surface. This can be done with white spirit, diluted in two with water.

Also, in an extreme case, you can wipe the car body with ordinary vodka.

But these two operations will be absolutely meaningless if the car body was already covered with liquid glass earlier. In this case, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the previous layer with a special tool when starting work.

For the polishing process, it is necessary to choose an open space, but necessarily darkened by a canopy, since direct sunlight and dust are extremely undesirable. After the necessary preparations, you can start the process itself.

Apply the product manually, slowly and gradually. It is not necessary to accelerate in the pursuit of time. You need to start from one place of the body, for example, from the bumper or from one of the wings.

The liquid glass should be applied with a soft cloth, while the hand must necessarily be armed with a protective silicone glove. The main thing is not to rush! Car polishing does not tolerate haste. The optimal time for the entire process is 6 hours.

Of course, for the most leisurely ones, it is worth using a grinding machine that works at medium speeds – with the use of a soft felt nozzle.

Liquid glass for polishing should be chosen only of high quality. In this case, the car cover will withstand about thirty visits to the car wash. But to keep the car clean, it is often enough to simply wipe the body with a clean, damp cloth.

For novice motorists, it can be difficult to polish the car with liquid glass yourself. Since the car owner is visited by doubts about the success of the process.

You should not be afraid of this, since the operation itself is very simple and accessible to everyone if there is time and diligence. Well, if there is not one or the other, then the specialists of the service station will come to the rescue.


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