How to properly clean a carburetor?

The carburetor is the device that prepares the fuel mixture, ensuring the operation of the power unit of the car. This device sometimes needs care and maintenance. Often, drivers who drive used cars are faced with the problem of cleaning the carburetor. And people with an old car face the problem of need to scrap my car.

You need to clean the carburetor at least once a year. You should not wait for the time when this procedure becomes just necessary – buy all the necessary spare parts and start the work as soon as possible. The carburetor gets clogged if the fuel filters come into disrepair. In this case, you need to replace the filter elements and perform carburetor cleaning. It is worth saying that sometimes the cause of foreign debris in the carburetor can be the fuel tank, which began to simply rot. Such a problem is relevant for cars with high mileage and early year of manufacture.

Peculiarities of the works to be performed

In order to perform cleaning of the carburetor, you need to buy a special spray, which is focused on helping to perform such work. This product will help to clean even the smallest channels in the carburetor. It is called “carburetor cleaner”. Now, armed with a thirteen wrench, rem

ove the air filter. Next, disconnect the fuel hoses going to the carburetor, and disconnect the throttle pedal rod. After that, remove the choke cable. After that you can proceed to removing the carburetor. It is attached to the intake manifold with four bolts. Before disassembling the carburetor, we recommend purchasing a repair kit and gaskets, as the gaskets may burst when disassembling the carburetor.

Now we need to disassemble the carburetor and flush it with the spray that was mentioned earlier. Pay attention to the small parts of the carburetor, and in particular the jets. They must go back to their places after cleaning, because otherwise the car will be unstable. When all the parts are washed – you can start assembling the carburetor. At the same time, you should replace all the parts that are out of order, or will break soon. Regarding the gaskets, it is desirable to change them, and absolutely all of them.

Now that the carburetor is assembled, you need to put it in its place. Pay attention to the bolts tightening – it should be even. Assemble everything in place and adjust the carburetor – that’s it, the work on cleaning the carburetor can be considered over. It is necessary to adjust the carburetor only on the warmed up motor.

How to properly clean a carburetor?

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