How to check the steering rack yourself?

The steering rack is not the largest, but it is a very important detail of the car, because not only the comfort of driving, but also the safety of the driver and passengers depends on its functionality. You are lucky if your car is equipped with a reliable steering rack TM MSG, but it can also be damaged during operation. If your car is badly damaged, and not only the steering rack, but also other parts do not work in it, then surrender such a car for recycling:

The steering rack is necessary to control the direction of the vehicle. It transmits and converts the rotary motion of the steering wheel into a horizontal, rotary motion of the vehicle’s wheels.

If during the motion on the highway, you suddenly noticed that the car was difficult to hold on the trajectory of movement, you constantly have to podrulivate, but the car is still constantly driving in one side or the other, it is reason to check the status of the steering rack.

Also the reason for immediate checking the technical condition of the steering rack is the hum in the power steering or too much effort to turn the steering wheel.

To check it, stop the car in a safe place, stand for a while and after driving away a few meters, look carefully to see if there are any fresh oil stains on the parking place. If they are present at the location of the power steering, it will indicate that this unit requires repair or replacement.

Just remember, if you have an engine compartment guard, this method of inspection will not work. The oil will stay on this protection and can drip from it anywhere. But in any case, any leakage is a reason to visit an auto shop.

On the spot, you can also twist a wheel (with the engine on, otherwise the power steering will not work) and check how smoothly and easily the steering wheel turns, and how well the wheels turn. Inspection, of course, is visual. As a rule, a motorist can’t afford anything more on the roadside.

If during such inspection there are doubts in the steering rack serviceability, it is necessary to decide how to get to a service station, where it will be possible to conduct a more detailed check. Will you drive on your own at low speed with emergency lights on or call a tow truck? A tow truck is certainly preferable, as it is much safer.

During a detailed inspection, you should pay attention to the leakage on the power steering, whether it is present. It is also necessary to carefully check all protective covers, which prevent ingress of dirt and dust into the mechanisms of the device, whether they are not torn, whether they are fastened reliably on the places put for it.

It is also necessary to check whether any parts of the steering mechanism do not come into contact with other parts when you turn the steering wheel. It is possible if there was an accident or if you ran over something. The helper twists the steering wheel and you watch and listen carefully.

If no defects were found, then you have to pull all connections. At the same time check if anything is missing.)

If you can not identify possible causes of unstable, uncomfortable work of the steering rack, and the car still bad control, the steering wheel cinch or work jerks, you should contact a specialized workshop, which will hold a professional test the steering rack and fix it if possible or replace it to a new one.

How to check the steering rack yourself?

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