How to arrange a general cleaning in the car interior

If some cars become clean only after the pre-sale preparation or when the rodents rustle under the seats and the sunflowers sprout from the trash, others have the interior rubbed to a shine all the time. We gives you tips on how to clean the interior of your car with your own hands as well as the experts in dishing. And if the car is covered with several layers of rust and it does not work the main parts, then such a car should be sent for recycling:

How to clean a car interior

Start putting in order with the revision of all niches and shelves. Empty empty cans and bottles, dirty napkins, wrappers, old gas station receipts, and other unnecessary stuff from door pockets, glove compartment, and cup holders. Shake and wipe the floor mats with a damp cloth. When you are done with visible garbage, move on to the smaller and inconspicuous at first glance.

Check to see if anything has piled up and rolled under the seats that should have gone to the trash a long time ago. Use a compact car vacuum to clean the carpet under the floor mats. Use the long and narrow nozzle attachments to remove dust from pockets, cup holders, gaps between seats and door sills, as well as around the pedal assembly and in the folds of the seat upholstery.

Remove dust from hard-to-reach places

The next step, which craftsmen of detailing have become skilled at, is the elimination of the visible, but inaccessible dust. These are all kinds of gaps between the buttons and knobs on the multirule and front panel, grids of loudspeakers, and also ventilation system lattices. Most of these hard-to-reach places can be cleaned with a special jelly sponge like a child’s toy “lizard”. It gets dust out of almost every crevice.

Where it can’t do the job, you can reach the dirt with brushes, sold individually or as a set. Using a vacuum cleaner at the same time will speed up the process and improve the results. The same brushes (or old toothbrushes) will come in handy for cleaning seams and stitching in seat upholstery. Don’t forget to give your car windows a good wipe down on the inside as well. A curved and tilted windshield, which can be hard to reach, is easier to wipe with a folding “rag extender”.

Wash the seats and polish the plastic

Often the front panel, door cards, plastic on sills and central tunnel dull with time, no matter how or with what you clean them. Polishing agent is a universal answer to a question how to take care of automobile interior and how to return to former shine of surfaces. It is enough to spray it on a surface from 15-25 cm distance, rub it with a rag and let it dry. Some wax compounds for polishing plastics can also be used to freshen up the leather upholstery. Although the latter is still better to use special agents: cleaners, lotions and conditioners.

If cracks, scratches and other damages appeared on the leather or vinyl upholstery in the car interior, you can restore its integrity and presentable appearance with the help of the so-called “liquid leather”. Following the instructions, diligence and patience can exceed all expectations. To clean stains from the fabric on the seats along with faux suede, as well as the ceiling, you will need a cleaner or stain remover, as well as clean rags and a certain amount of free time.

Put the trunk in order

Finish cleaning the interior with revision of the trunk. Throw out all unnecessary junk, including rags, bags, trash and empty cans of antifreeze. Check for any junk in the side recesses or the “underbelly” next to the spare. Everything else can be placed neatly in the organizer drawer, where it will be easier to find and retrieve later. Also useful are various nets-pockets with “velcro”, in which other small things will fit. They are easy to place in a convenient place on the trunk’s tufted upholstery or behind the back of the rear seat.

Lastly, to get a breath of fresh air into a clean interior – check and replace the cabin filter if it’s dirty. It is usually located near the front panel glove compartment and is easily accessible. You can get it yourself, using the hints from the car’s manual. The final touch is a new air freshener, which will fill the cabin with a pleasant aroma.

How to arrange a general cleaning in the car interior

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