Drive your car with closed windows, and here’s why – scientists advise

Drivers were advised to open car windows less often and use scrap car removal scarborough. A new study was released by the British University of Surrey, which proved the danger of these actions. The research appeared in the pages of the scientific journal Science of the Total Environment.

Scientists have proven that if you driv

Young man Driving Car on the road , view from inside (Transportation and Traffic) driving,car,driver,interior,couple,highway,people,road,sun

e with the windows down, then the cabin will have 80 percent dirty air. Experts took air samples in 10 megacities of Bangladesh, India, China, Colombia, Brazil, Egypt, Iraq, Ethiopia, Malawi and Tanzania. We studied harmful particles in the air at different times – during rush hours and at lunchtime.

If you drive on highways in large cities with open windows during rush hours, then the air in the car is 90 percent polluted. It is best in such a situation to close the windows and turn on air recirculation so that the air from the street comes in already purified by a filter.

Scientists carried out measurements precisely in large and poor cities, where the number of old and budget cars is very large, especially if they do not have air conditioning and passengers are forced to open windows, this ride becomes dangerous for their health.

According to experts, such cities need to reduce the number of cars or replace old cars with more modern and environmentally friendly technology. Scientists also advise motorists to try not to drive at peak loads when there is no overcrowding on the road.

According to WHO statistics, about 7 million people die every year from diseases that are directly related to air pollution. These are cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and cancer.

Drive your car with closed windows, and here’s why – scientists advise

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